Chapel Photos

From Racecar Trailer to Chapel in one year.

Trailer-chapel.jpg (32857 bytes) Trailer Stored.jpg (17691 bytes) wpe13.jpg (18193 bytes) Trailer ReadyToPull.jpg (14535 bytes)
This is my racecar trailer in

 1981, in Savannah GA.

After moving to Tenn. then

 Fla. the Trailer was

stored for years

Stored and rusting for

many years, waiting

for something.

Hitched up ready

to pull out.

Trailer Pulling it out.jpg (15434 bytes) ItCameOut!.jpg (17631 bytes) Of Here.jpg (22094 bytes)  
Doing this by myself I had

 to be concerned about tires,

sand and rusted parts.

Got it out. Out of here. Missing photo
CleanedOut ReadyforReferb.jpg (15406 bytes) At Scratch & Dent Side.jpg (12880 bytes) At Scratch & Dent Rear.jpg (15898 bytes) Trailer Hitch.jpg (14273 bytes)
Cleaned out ready for


Moved to

Scratch and Dent

Leco Ct. South Ft. Myers.

Rear view and parked

Scratch and Dent.

What the hitch looked

like after 10 years

of storage.

Trailer Hitch Gary Start.jpg (12719 bytes) Trailer Hitch Gary Con't.jpg (12478 bytes) Trailer Hitch half done.jpg (12591 bytes) Trailer Hitch Primer.jpg (11728 bytes)
Gary Bush, Owner

Scratch & Dent

with power needle gun.

Gary doing some detail

work on heavy rust,

taking off the scale.

After hours of work this

side is half done.

One of Gary's men 

applying a chemical

rust inhibitor and primer.

Trailer door side half doneF.jpg (11738 bytes) Trailer bottom half done.jpg (8913 bytes) Trailer Ford football.jpg (13338 bytes) Stephen Sanding1.jpg (12894 bytes)
Door side half done. Long side half done. Before starting on Ford

football  "Logo"

Stephen bending knees,

leaning into it.

Stephen Sanding2.jpg (11384 bytes) Stephen Sanding3.jpg (12188 bytes) Trailer almost ready to paint.jpg (11708 bytes) trailerMural.jpg (53156 bytes)
Knees starting to give out,

So is the sandpaper.

This blue paint is gummy.

this is taking hours.

All prepped and

ready to paint

First painting on a model.
TrailerFirstUse10-2001.jpg (212957 bytes) Trailer inside Oct2001.jpg (85024 bytes) Trailer proper use.jpg (93941 bytes) 2001SnodenSignsChapelTarp.jpg (91558 bytes)
First use of trailer-Oct. 2001

painted white

 interior not finished

Trailer filled with food,

and supplies for 

Candlelighters event

This is the reason that so

 much time and effort has

been put into the trailer.

Trailer transports

Tables, Chairs, ice chest,

food, t-shirts, tarps, poles

Trailer 8kids inside.jpg (69020 bytes) Trailer kids love.jpg (59082 bytes) 2001Stephen Chapel Candle.jpg (60551 bytes) 2001KidsCarChapel.jpg (93621 bytes)
Proper use of the trailer!

It's for the kids.

Just look into their faces. First service with 

painted trailer white

Oct. 2001


20x30 Ft. Tarp/ Trailer/

Chapel/Racecar/ Kids

What more could you want?

T-RayEarleyFirstSetUp.jpg (11236 bytes) T-PutingUpTarp.jpg (12376 bytes) T-StephenStreach.jpg (10869 bytes) Setting up tarp-even Klair.jpg (86247 bytes)
Ray Earley helps

set up new table under tarp

 with fresh painted chapel

Its a long way up there

helps to have a motorized

platform to stand on

Stephen stretches

standing on table

"it's got to fit"

Pulling down the Tarp

from the event, even

Klair gets to help



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